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17:52 06-12-2017
Ik zie dat mijn ‘oude’ auto goed terecht is gekomen.
Het verhaal van de vorige eigenaars klopt niet helemaal.
Ik heb de auto eind jaren ‘90 gekocht bij een autobedrijf die hem in commissie verkocht voor een Amerikaanse militair gelegerd in Soesterberg.
08:09 25-03-2017
Hello there ..
Your website is nice and simple.It's nice in the house..I believe that I will contribute to the site .. I have toyota corolla AE92 and I need full text repair books..You could send me as PDF.
18:42 09-01-2017
Webmaster Patrieck
Thanks guys!
Really appreciate the comments. Gives me the added motivation to soldier on with the project
06:54 09-01-2017
Matt Jacobs
Just wanted to let you know I'm quite impressed with the level of detail you are giving to this project. As an American, it was quite the curiosity to see so much attention being given to the humble Carolla GTS. Thank you for your dedication and sharing your expertise! Good luck with the build, I look forward to following along.
08:50 07-12-2016
Ej Torralba
Hey man! I just want to say this is great stuff. The AE92 was my first car that I purchased for 500$ here in the U.S. when I was 18. I still have it in my garage and I want to rebuild it just like you are to yours. I have the SR5 version but when I have money and time in the future I plan to convert it to the GT-S. Keep it up! I will be checking on your project for the next couple years. Cheers!
15:23 01-11-2016
Jan Ira Molina
hello there sir! just want to ask if you can help me out to find hella grill for carina e?
19:05 23-09-2016
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